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My study of the Fine Arts started while in Elementary school. At the time it was painting and sculpture. The interest in Photography began while in High School.

I received a M.F.A. from The Maryland Institute College of Art. My images have been exhibited in California, New York, Florida, Maryland and Pennsylvania in various venues from galleries, museums and libraries. Art has always been a passion for me. I loved the wet darkroom thirty years ago, the chemicals, papers, the creativity of making the actual print. Given todays technology with post processing a digital image, I find my artist's palette diversified with exciting possibilities for expression.

I am always the student learning new techniques and expanding my creative expression using the medium of photography. My other love is that of teaching and mentoring others in finding their voice and uniqueness by utilizing this medium. Art has always been a passion for me.

There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer. ~Ansel Adams

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Guestbook for Terri Pakula
Wally Shapiro(non-registered)
I am impressed!
See you soon.
Larry Oliver(non-registered)
. ...;-)~

Liking all you do Terri. ...

I'll look to pick up your book on Dad too. ...
Ellen Dunn(non-registered)
I so enjoyed looking at your collections! You are so talented~
Ray Christian(non-registered)
I saw the front door photo in "cards" and thought it was MY front door. Nice photos, but I am curious ...which is your favorite?
Barbara Balioni(non-registered)
Enjoy your website. As I have viewed many of these photos first hand, I can honestly say that while the photos are beautiful, and so serene, they are nothing compared to the originals, especially those enhanced with infrared and all those other special techniques you use. Good luck on your recent exhibition. Barb